Collagen + Whey Protein

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For Joint Health and Tissue Support

10 grams of collagen. 15 grams of whey. Now combined in an all-in-one protein powder for healthy joints, muscle strength, and strong skin, hair, and nails. Grass-fed, low-carb, and only 1 gram of sugar per serving.

  • Supports joint & bone health
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, nails
  • Promotes muscle strength, recovery, and lean mass
  • Supports healthy collagen production


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25g Protein
Grass Fed
Low Sugar (1g)
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Collagen Whey Complete Protein

Why You Need Both For Happier Joints, Healthier Skin, and Lifelong Strength

Protein is the most important building block you need to lay the foundation for a healthy, strong, and thriving body during adulthood and beyond.

With the unique combination of collagen peptides and whey protein, you can:

  • Maintain strength and improve muscle development
  • Move more comfortably and without restriction
  • Recover faster from physical activity and performance training
  • Maintain a youthful, visibly healthy appearance
  • Age gracefully and healthfully

You know that protein is an all-star nutrient for healthy aging, but finding the most effective, easy-to-use protein powder can be a downright challenge these days.

That’s why we’ve created HumanN Collagen Peptides plus Whey, the first all-in-one protein powder that tastes delicious, mixes great, and contains the highest quality ingredients you can feel good about putting into your body every single day.

Nutrition & Ingredients


Most protein powders contain either whey OR collagen, but rarely is there a product that contains full doses of both.

Others cover up chalky flavors with artificial flavors and cloying sweeteners, which can leave a bad taste in your mouth—or worse, make you crave more sugar and unhealthy treats.

And then there are the ones that look “all natural” and wholesome, but are secretly hiding filler ingredients—like artificial colors, soy, gluten, GMOs, and rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone).

Collagen Peptides plus Whey is contains full doses of BOTH collagen and whey protein. With zero junk ingredients or nasty fillers, this is the complete protein powder you can trust to help support healthy movement, recovery and keeping a youthful appearance.

10g Pure Collagen Peptides

Strong cartilage. Smooth skin. Durable bones. Collagen is the special protein that supports the body’s structure from the inside out. That’s because collagen is the “glue” that lays the foundation for all connective tissues throughout the body — even the lining of your gut. Though collagen makes up more than 70% of your skin and cartilage, getting enough from diet alone is near impossible.

Our complete formula uses a full 10g of Type I and Type III hydrolyzed collagen peptides (small, easy to digest protein particles), which allows the body to freely distribute these protein building blocks throughout the body to support peak collagen production.

15g Whey from New Zealand Grass-Fed Cows

Widely considered the gold standard, New Zealand Whey is a wholesome grass-fed protein derived from cows that graze on pesticide and chemical-free pastures all year round. We add 15g of clean grass-fed New Zealand whey protein concentrate, which means peak stability and integrity of nourishing amino acids.

Grass-fed whey protein is also higher in immune factors (immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, and Albumin) than whey protein sourced from conventionally-raised cows.

Superior Protein Absorption

To ensure fast absorption and easy digestion, we included ProHydrolase®, a patented digestive enzyme clinically shown to increase protein absorption. It helps your body absorb and utilize the key amino acids in Collagen + Whey, while reducing chances of bloating and discomfort. Greater protein absorption means more building blocks your body can use to build and repair vital tissues.

A Formula You Trust

At HumanN we believe in providing the highest quality ingredients to support your health and well-being. You’ll get everything you want (and nothing you don’t) from our Collagen Peptides plus Whey.

Seriously Clean. Seriously Delicious.

Enjoy in Natural Vanilla and Salted Caramel

We believe the healthiest protein powder should taste great, mix easy, and give you the full-body support you can count on. Collagen + Whey is a healthy, low-carb, dessert-like protein powder that works to keep your joints moving free, your muscles strong, and your aesthetics looking vibrant at any stage of life.

Nutrition & Ingredients - TEST

Pure Collagen Peptides

Made with a full 10g of Type I and Type III hydrolyzed collagen peptides.

Tastes Delicious, Mixes Easy

Our complete protein powder tastes great, mixes easy and supports you where it matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Collagen + Whey the BEST protein supplement of its kind?

We believe Collagen + Whey is the purest, cleanest, most complete protein on the market for a few reasons. Here’s why Collagen + Whey is the last protein you’ll ever buy, and the first one you’ll feel truly LOVE to drink:

• For starters, Collagen + Whey includes a full science-backed dose of collagen peptides and whey protein in every serving. Collagen + Whey protein is the best source of amino acids to fully stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and the delicate collagen peptides to help jumpstart collagen production in the body for strong, healthy joints, bones, and connective tissue, and smoother skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails. It’s the complete formula for physical strength, mobility, recovery, and healthy aging.

• One scoop contains 15 grams of whey protein concentrate from the wholesome milk of grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. These are happy, healthy cows that feed year-round on pristine New Zealand pastures that are 100% free of chemicals and pesticides. These cows are never fed any GMOs, and are not exposed to growth hormones (rBGH & rBST) or antibiotics. Plus, New Zealand grass-fed whey is cold-processed and higher in healthful immune factors (Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin and Serum Albumin, CLA).

• It also contains a full dose (10g) of the purest, hydrolyzed collagen peptides. With hydrolyzed collagen you’re getting the purest peptides with a low molecular weight. That means faster, superior absorption with even greater benefits to you.

• Collagen + Whey is designed for fast, easy digestion. Not only did we source the cleanest whey concentrate and collagen peptides, we went a step further to add fast-acting digestive enzyme for improved protein absorption and digestibility. ProHydrolase® supports the body’s natural digestion of protein for enhanced protein utilization and minimal gastrointestinal discomfort such as gas or bloating.

What will Collagen + Whey protein do for me?

It is a 2-in-1 protein powder made with the highest quality New Zealand grass-fed whey protein and hydrolyzed collagen peptides. The combination of these two ingredients:

  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, nails
  • Supports joint & bone health
  • Supports tendon & ligament health
  • Supports healthy collagen production
  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Helps improve strength & lean muscle tissue
  • Promotes increased protein absorption (from ProHydrolase® Digestive Enzyme technology)

What does “hydrolyzed” mean?

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides just means that the collagen is broken down to a low molecular weight, which allows your body to digest it faster and more efficiently than conventional collagen powders. That means faster, superior absorption with even greater benefits to you.

Does Collagen + Whey cause bloating or indigestion?

We source the cleanest whey concentrate and collagen peptides and added fast-acting digestive enzyme for improved protein absorption and digestibility. ProHydrolase® supports the body’s natural digestion of protein for enhanced protein utilization and minimal gastrointestinal discomfort such as gas or bloating.

ProHydrolase® has been shown to support against discomfort & bloating sometimes associated with protein powder consumption.

How do I use Collagen + Whey?

Collagen + Whey only tastes like a guilt-free and decadent treat.

It was specially designed to mix easily with a spoon into any liquid (hot or cold), no blender required. It tastes great, and it has no gritty texture or chalky aftertaste.

You can add it to smoothies, blend into oatmeal, mix with your favorite liquid, or combine with baking ingredients.

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