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N-O levels drop after 40
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N-O Depletion

They say age is just a number. That’s partially true. What’s also true is that after the age of 40, the body’s Nitric Oxide levels naturally begin to fall. And because Nitric Oxide is so fundamental to our wellbeing, we can feel that N-O depletion even though we may not be able to identify it. After all, Nitric Oxide powers so much in our body, serving as a signaling molecule in our overall cardiovascular health and affecting our vital systems.

N-O Production

To counteract that drop in N-O, HumanN, working with the leading N-O research program out of the University of Texas, discovered a natural way to increase the body’s own ability to produce Nitric Oxide. That discovery resulted in the creation of Neo40, our naturally-derived, N-O activating supplement that signifies a breakthrough in N-O delivery over standard L-Arginine supplements or dietary choices. Available in both daily and professional grades, more than 46 million boxes of Neo40 have been sold and more than 1,400 physicians have recommended Neo40 Pro for their patients to support their overall health and well-being.

N-O Support

Here, nature and science come together for incredible results. In fact, we’re the only company we know to continually test the quality of all of our products to ensure they’re providing the necessary nutrition to support N-O production and conduct clinical trials to stay on the leading edge of Nitric Oxide production. We’re committed to do what no one else can: generate authentic N-O.


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